Ocean to Ocean, your lifelong personnel source partner.

Finding good people to work with you is getting more difficult each day. You just don’t know the quality of people you will find in different channels that you will use to recruit. There has been numerous horror stories involving wrong hiring decisions that often cost money to businesses. For some, it was so severe that they even went through problematic financial troubles.

But don’t worry now. We are here to provide you with the best method to recruit personnel for your business that will fit your company culture and at the same time, will satisfy your skill requirement in the hope that it will boost your company’s operations and income.

Our Expertise in Recruitment

When we started, we believe that it is important to have a smart way of marketing a hiring position to reach as many people as possible. This is the most important part of our operations. We want to get as many as we can so we will have more options. In this way, we can explore different filtering process that will only ensure that we only get the best, and then send who we found to the businesses who need them.

Our Filtering Method

We are very strict on who we hire and send out. We don’t just send out people just to meet the required number. We always ensure that anyone we suggest will deliver the quality that we promised to our clients. That is why, we have devised our own way to filter applicants based on a number of criteria.

Our first round of filter is based on the company’s values. We only want to hire those that believe in the things that we believe in. We value hard work and trust, we also value honesty and integrity. That is why these are the things that we check first on our applicants right after they have applied. And if we found out that they do not have those qualities, we let them go.

Skills Test

Then we profile them based on the skills that they have. Since more of our partner companies need specific skills, we test them hard if they can really do the job. For those who will not meet the criteria, we usually provide some sort of training and learning opportunities so they can acquire new skills that will enable them to apply for other job openings that we have.

Company Match

Last would be determining if there is a company match. We want to check if the values of the company will match the personal values and lifestyle of the applicant. We don’t want to force something that will not be a fit that is why we are very particular with our selection process. In the end, we have less than 5% turnover since we started and the majority of those who resigned were due to emergencies and personal reasons.

So if you are looking for a company that can provide you with the personnel you are looking, then you come at the right place because we will be your lifelong partners in recruiting potential and turning them into superstars.