Trends in Recruiting Management

When a company is growing, it needs the right people to sustain the growth and maintain the excellent services provided to customers. Most of the time, the recruitment team is still doing the traditional ways of acquiring resources for recruiting. If your company is still doing the old ways of posting jobs to different platforms, you are missing out on the benefits of trending processes in the recruitment field.


Candidate Management: Focus on the Experience

Nowadays, there are websites allowing applicants to post their reviews towards a company detailing their experience and their views about the overall process. Before, reviews are focused on rating hotels in Amsterdam by airport basing on the customer’s perspective. Now, even the candidates have a voice. Candidate management is the process of seeking feedback from applicants regarding their experience. Consider this process as a grading system on how well the recruitment team is doing.

Branding Efforts as Employers

Most talented and highly skilled candidates often research a company before making an application. High chances are the candidate won’t even consider applying after hearing the bad reviews from your former employees. Create a solid brand as an employer by treating your employees right. Encourage them to write feedback on how the company can make their working experience better. Reward deserving employees by giving out Amsterdam attractions in winter and other simple thoughtful gifts as a token of appreciation for a job well done.


Social Recruiting

Social media continues to change the way we do marketing. It is also now being used by recruiters to find candidates. Social recruiting is 2x faster than traditional job platforms. Friends may recommend the job to someone they know who is qualified, which makes the whole process faster. Recruiters may even put some instructions to filter candidates who are sincerely reading the job post. Expect that there will be many applicants, make sure to use strategy in reviewing the applications. Ocean to Ocean can help in this process.